Wednesday, April 22, 2009

More updates from Abby!

Sorry for the lack of recent pictures, but it's been a crazy time around our house! While we've been too busy to take pictures, Abby has just kept on doing new fun things. Here is a list:

1. Abby has learned some colors. She will tell you what color her crayons are, although there are definitely some she has to guess on. Ever the girl, the only one she seems to consistently get right is pink!

2. Abby is getting very independent. "Abby do it" is a common phrase around here these days, which makes getting out of the house in the morning a little slower! She wants to pick out her own clothes too. I clearly need to clean out her closet, since we had some problems getting her to give up a "pitty" winter outfit that she wanted to wear in today's 90 degree heat!

3. She has started saying funny little phrases, like "What happen?" My favorite is "Um, les see..." while she's trying to pick out a book or a snack.

4. Abby was a champ when we went house hunting in Miami last week. Every time we stopped at a house she would yell "More house!"

5. Tonight she held her own yogurt and ate it with a spoon.

What a big girl!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Abby's updates

Time for some more updates from Abby. She is growing so fast! Here are some of her latest tricks:

1. She is singing more and more. She tries to sing along with the CDs I play in the car.

2. She is learning to negotiate. When told she could have more bread if she ate a carrot, she found the smallest one, took a tiny bite, and said "More bread!"

3. She just had a great time with "Gammy" and "Papa" while Mommy and Daddy went away for the weekend.

4. Unfortunately for us, but further proof she's probably smart, Abby has figured out how to open the "child safety locks" we've installed all over the house!

5. Best for last- this morning I said "Bye, bye, I love you!" to her and she said "Bye, love you!" Yay!